Mission Statement

To use our 20+ years of experience in security and IT services to help Security Integrators maximize profits and customer satisfaction with our reliable Intel® based systems.


Our philosophy is simple. Build systems that work, perform great and keep on working. All our systems can be accessed remotely, all have various levels of redundancy, and all will work for years with little maintenance.

Since 2008, Security Servers and Workstations has been building servers, workstations and network video recorders for the security industry designed to truly meet the needs of the industry. We know our customers can purchase general purpose hardware from our many competitors, so why buy from us? The simple answer is experience. Having grown out of the access control industry, we understand the real world need for high performance systems with little or no unplanned downtime.

That is why we offer systems built for just that and more. Redundant OS and application drives are standard on most of our system, as is Paragon Software ́s award winning backup and disaster recovery solutions. These software packages allow even non-IT personnel to restore a down system in minutes not hours or days. And in the case of catastrophic failures, our powerful disaster recovery software can move entire video or access control server ́s to new hardware or to virtual machines, and have your system back up quickly and easily.

Our servers and workstations are optimized for various workloads, such as video recorders with hardware RAID and fast disk writes, redundant power and cooling systems, 1 to 40 Gb/s redundant network connections and extreme graphics. And now we can provide total systems engineered just for your job including the computer hardware and software, pre-installed video management software, cameras, racks, power backup, power distribution, monitors and more.

Save time and money by letting us help design your next system.